Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cute Puffy Silk Rose

These are jumbo silk roses, I guess it's pretty cool to wear even just one!


Things we need include 1-1/2 inches / 40mm width ribbon for rose, 7/8 inches / 25mm width ribbon for sepals, couple of bead needles, sewing thread, cotton buds and glue.


1. Let's start with the rose bud. Trim two pieces rose bud ribbon, each of length 80mm / 3 inches. Have your cotton wool by your side, you'll be using them soon.

2. Layer ribbon with the right side facing each other and stitch along the edge as shown. Knot your thread but you don't have to cut it off. Flip over, overlap the ribbon ends in an angle to form a cone shape as seen in Picture 3.

3. Hold on to your cone shape in one hand and have the other stitch along the bottom edge of the cone. The cone in this picture is seen a little neat for photographing, don't worry if your ribbons are of uneven length, just let them be.

4. Now, stuff the cotton wool in side the cone, fold in the extra edge inside the cone too. Look good? Feel good? Pull and tighten your thread, make your bud look like the one in Picture 4.

5. As for the petals, trim a 450mm / 18 inches length ribbon. With the ribbon's right side facing you, at about 100mm / 4 inches from the left ribbon end, make you first fold by flipping your right ribbon end to the top to make a backward "L".

6. Then, Flip the top back down again and it will look like picture 6. Don't forget to pin as you fold.

7 & 8. Continue folding and pinning, till you get a square. Trim away the extra ribbons to make a perfect square.

9. Use thread of similar color and stitch around the square.

10. Remove the pins and tighten your thread a little. Don't pull it all the way so that you have room to insert the bud.

11. Now, place the bud inside the petals and tighten all the way, make a few more stitch to secure them together before finishing off.

12. Trim ribbon to a length of 250mm / 10 inches. Make figure "8" fold as seen in picture 12-13.

14. This picture shows an alternate way of folding. To me, it didn't matter how you fold but more importantly, the rose must sit on the sepals / leaves which have to be the right side of the ribbon.

15. Attach the the rose on the leaves, you can glue but I'll prefer to stitch it. Okedoke, your silk rose is ready and you're ready to show if off!

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