Thursday, January 13, 2011

BIG Bow Headband Ponytail Hairdo

How to style your butterfly ponytail, that is not so fluffy and old-fashioned but look charmingly sweet?

Here's the trick!

1. To begin with, curl your fringe to make it look light and puffy.

2. To create a slight curvature at mid-length, gently curl hair (as arrow direction) with roller and blow to set.

3. Curl the tails of hair with flat iron and finish with a clip to set the curvature.

4. Separate fringe into two layers, gently clip the outer most layer to a curvature. Be careful not to overdo it cause fringe can bifurcate easily. It will not look good when that happens.

5. Straight hair with curvy ends -  This is what you should be getting before moving on.

6. Now, you're ready to bundle up your ponytail.

7. Wear your ribbon bow. Then fluff and separate your ponytail like a bouquet of grassy leaves.

8. Use a small flat iron to enhance the curvy ends.

9. The entire finished hairstyle should look classy, fluffy and a little messy. And flat iron can do this trick easily.

Looking good? Tell me about it!

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