Monday, January 10, 2011

Teen Fashion Bows

Big and prominent, but these teen fashion bows made them look so cool! A variety of styles is created even with just a butterfly bow. Thank you, Amlet, for sharing these fashion pictures. How can we celebrate the arrival of spring without a butterfly bow?

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Classy fluffy look is the main focus of this style. Appropriately mess up the hair and match with a pretty bow!

 A classy look for everyday! Pretty dotty bow on curly blond hair made her look romantically sweet!

Looking good with big red bow stud on a bud!

Black bows are classic accessories for all occasion. This black bow can made her charmingly cute, also an invincible playful lady! Nevertheless, there's no doubt about of being attractive at any party! 

Shocking pink bow on funky curly hair is definitely a smart choice for party! 
Elegantly cute big raspberry bow on curly hair and matching gown.

 Big bows are usually suitable for a variety of up-do. 
Couple with her bright beautiful eyes, she looks charmingly cute!

Shining dotted ribbon reveals her nobility style.

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